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I can’t recommend Heather at Chaya Beauty enough. I recently had microblading done to my sparse, thin brows. Heather was so thorough in making sure I knew what to expect, and she created the perfect environment for a positive experience. My brows turned out amazing, and the slight lift from my natural browline made my eyes appear more open and may have even taken a few years off my face as well. She provided everything I needed for successful aftercare and even checked in via text to make sure everything was going well. The fine tuning appointment provided that last bit of perfecting the brows. If you want amazing brows, Heather should be your very first choice!
I absolutely recommend Chaya beauty and Heather, her professionalism and attention to detail are beyond expectation. She makes her clients feel at ease and listens to their concerns (and crazy questions) and answers them all with grace and all the information needed for an informed decision. She takes so much pride in her work and her client experience that there’s no competition. Her consultations are thorough and all of my procedures, treatments and services have been fantastic with ideal outcomes. She definitely changed the way I see myself, and made me feel pretty.
I have been wanting to get my eyebrows tattooed for soooo long! Everytime I would say enough is enough it's time I would find someone who was cheap and my sister would say you will regret it. There is a reason these people are charging little to nothing. I'm so forever grateful that I waited and found someone that knew the ins and outs of the process. Heather took the time to line out my brows the way I wanted, she lined it out to fit my face! It's a pretty long and tedious process. But she didn't stop till she made them perfect! I'm sooo in love with them!! They healed perfectly and now I don't have to spend 20-30 mins per brow while doing my makeup. So trust me when I say GO TO HEATHER!! She's amazing and I will not go to anyone else for permanent makeup!
Heather!!!! She’s amazing. Don’t hesitate to book with her. I don’t live in the area but was getting married in the area so wanted one one nearby. I first met her over zoom/FaceTime for a consult and immediately felt comfortable with her. We had a trial about a month-ish before the wedding and loved how clean she keeps everything and her attention to detail. She really wants YOU to be happy and makes sure everything is understood and that you like the service you’re getting. I loved that after the trial she said “make sure to keep looking at it, and don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s something you don’t like or want to change”. I loved that and when I had some minor changes, she was all for it and it was great. My makeup was incredible, but more so, I just loved how friendly Heather is, how she listens and just overall her professionalism. THANK YOU!!!!!!!
I absolutely recommend Heather with Chaya Beauty. I have several friends who have had services from Heather and all were very pleased with their results. After YEARS of researching permanent makeup, I finally decided to proceed with having my eye brows done. Heather walked me through all of the steps, patiently worked on finding the perfect custom color for my face, and made sure I was happy with the shape before proceeding. The procedure went well, she checked in on me and my healing, and now a few months after my follow-up appointment I am super happy!
Heather tattooed my brows and did amazing! She was SO sweet, very professional, and was great at keeping up about the do's and don'ts throughout the healing process
Heather did my makeup for a photoshoot. It was natural and not overdone. Highly recommend.
I highly recommend Chaya Beauty! At my first consult, Heather took time to listen to my concerns and offered a few different options for my sparse eyebrows. Heather truly cares about her clients, she made sure I was comfortable with the permanent makeup process and that I was happy with the results. What a timesaver when getting ready for the day! Just recently, Heather gave my lashes a lift and tint. I'm very pleased, thank you Heather!
I’ve been going to Chaya Beauty for several years. I’ll never forget my first time, it was like hanging out with an old friend from the very beginning. My first experience was after winning a silent auction package that Heather had donated for a Mikey’s Chance Rescue fundraiser. My first impression was what a beautiful soul. I immediately felt comfortable while Heather explained the process and what I could expect. The environment was very comfortable and inviting and continues to be in her new location. Heather provides a space that is peaceful and inviting while providing a service that gives me a little spring in my step. It always amazes me how much more confident I feel after my brow lamination and tint. The first time I was so surprised by how much of a difference it makes. I soon realized it’s not just about the results from the service and how it makes me feel but, it’s the whole experience and the environment Heather has created.
I’ve wanted to get my eye brows done for over three years. I don’t typically wear a lot of make up because I’m usually busy thanks to my toddlers. Throw on some mascara and good to go! I was so afraid I would hate my new eyebrows, miss my real self, and feel inauthentic. Questions like, what if it doesn’t look good and now it’s on my face ?! Would pop into my head. With lots of research I came across Chaya Beauty! Booking a consultation she talked to me about selecting the best color for my brows, educated me upon the service, answered all my questions that has been building for so many years and she was very responsive to my input! She took me on a tour of where the service was held so I saw how neat and packaged everything was ! I decided to go ahead with her recommendations and schedule to get my brows done ! Heather has a great eye, and is supremely talented. Always making sure I was comfortable before, during and after service. End of story, I am incredibly satisfied. Even after the first day of getting my brows done I rushed to the bathroom mirror, looked at myself, and thought, “Shazam! I look awesome!” And I’ve never looked back. I plan on regular touchups. My brows look completely natural and just the same as if I had filled them in by hand, but better ! I don’t think I ever realized just what a difference great brows make on a face. I would venture to say it’s the number one thing, even more important than lashes ! I love my new brows ! Thank you heather for Chaya Beauty!