Booking Policies 
A booking fee is required upon scheduling all permanent make up services.  This fee will be applied to your payment at the time of service. The fee is nonrefundable but, may be transferred (up to two times at the discretion of the business) to a rescheduled permanent makeup service of equal or greater value within six months.

Rescheduling Policies
I will work with you to reschedule appointments when necessary. However, rescheduling any appointment more than twice will require pre-payment for scheduled appointments moving forward.

Cancellation and No-Show Policies
Cancellations and/or no shows result in down-time for the service provider, wasted product, and lack of service to other clients. Therefore, cancellations and/or no shows will result in forfeiture of all booking fees. Cancelling or failure to show up for an appointment more than two times, will require pre-payment in full to schedule future appointments.

Following Pre-and Post Procedure Instructions
Pre-and post procedure instructions are in place to set you up for the best possible outcome with your service. Each directive is given for specific reasons. It is extremely important that these instructions be followed. These include but, are not limited to the clients health and eligibility for a permanent makeup service, possible healing impairments, possible retention challenges, sanitation and infection prevention. Not doing so, in their entirety, may compromise the integrity of the service and healed results. For these reasons, failure to follow will result in rescheduling your appointment.

See Pre and Post Procedure Info