Protecting my clients is a big deal! Chaya Beauty follows Universal Precautions, and consistently strives to exceed industry standards for sanitation and disinfection.

Recertifications and continuous education are an expectation in this field. Beauty industry professionals go through (what seems like) countless hours of consistent training – both theory and application – before they can even be licensed. Accredited training institutions emphasize it because it’s always been important to the technicians that are the foundational heart and soul. Those professionals recognize that we are here not just FOR our clients but, BECAUSE of our clients. Without you, there is no us!!

Your safety and health are critical to our existence! So, here at Chaya Beauty, I am doing “all the things.” All the things to protect you, my loved ones, myself and our community to the best of my knowledge and abilities. Thank you for trusting me with your faces!

Domestic violence is a pandemic all it’s own. Not new and without a vaccine. This course was a refresher for me but, an important one Beauty industry professionals have a unique opportunity to be instrumental in someone’s escape and recovery from domestic violence – not just the physical signs but, the mental as well. In my 20+ years in this business I’ve seen some of my beloved clients heal & prosper and others well, not. Please be informed, empowered, and know that I am always a safe place.